Why ENEC more and more?

“The use of the ENEC mark assures customers the safety and technical performance of our products, which reinforces the confidence in our brand and the quality it represents on the market”, says the Marketing Director of a company that has chosen to certify its products with the ENEC mark since the establishment of the ENEC Scheme.

Therefore, for Licensees of the ENEC Mark the main added value is to offer a safe product recognised both inside and outside Europe, supported by an active supervision of production and market surveillance. This is a key advantage for manufacturers and retailers in a growing competitive market and a guarantee for consumers safety.

Being part of the ENEC Scheme community offers other advantages to its members and stakeholders. They can benefit from the exchange of valuable information through the various technical meetings taking place during the year, and from the other programs that improve the competence of Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories and Manufacturers Testing Facilities.

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