ETICS is the European Testing, Inspection and Certification System aiming at to administer the ENEC Scheme and other conformity assessment Schemes such as the CCA, HAR, and other Schemes such as LOVAG.

ETICS is an international non-profit Organisation, governed by the Belgian law.

The purpose of the ETICS, a not-for-profit association, is the administration of evaluation systems for third party compliance carried out within the electrotechnical sector, and also in other areas that are associated with inspection, testing and product certification, as well as certifying personnel.

Its main activity is to facilitate access to the European market for certified products by third party and independent organisations and in this way to guarantee the safety and good quality of products and equipment to consumers.

To successfully complete its mission, this Association’s task is to:

  • Coordinate services supplied by the Members in relation to product testing, inspection and certification before being placed on the market.
  • Organise training courses for teams of experts for testing, inspection and certification in order to ensure the standardised application of European standards.
  • Publish and administrate documents specifying the methods for conducting standardised testing.° Publish and administrate compliance evaluation systems certificates produced by the Members in a centralised database, available and accessible to consumers.
  • Participate in CENELEC technical meetings in order to contribute to the development of European standards.
  • Participate in European Commission technical meetings and in this way promote an alternative to simple CE marking, independent third party certification.
  • Facilitate the certification of its members by producing different collective marks, licences, certificates, quality and approval labels, as well as providing common administration and secretarial services;
  • Promote certification by third parties based on European standards, and to respond to requests for feedback from certification to standardisation;
  • Ensure openness and transparency of the European certification systems in which its members participate, and to maintain an ethical code in its certification activities;
  • Protect the interests of participating European certification systems, while taking into account the interests of industry, users and consumers;
  • Monitor the use of systems or marks on the market whose licences were issued by the Association;
  • Ensure coordination between European certification systems and international systems, in the interests of European industry.
  • And, in general, to fulfil all objectives defined by the general meeting and accomplish all actions or operations that may benefit the marketing of products meeting safety and energy efficiency requirements.
  • This field of activity may be expanded by a decision of the general meeting.

The Association may carry out all actions and operations, and in this way adopt all measures, likely to contribute to fulfilling its declared purpose, and in particular cooperation between its members.

The Association is a not-for-profit entity. It may not take any action likely to impact on the competitive advantage of one or more of its members.

It may fulfil all actions in direct or indirect relation to its purpose, leading to its development or facilitating its completion. In particular, it may assist and take an interest in any association, company or body carrying out similar activities or being able to support the fulfilment or development of its purpose.