The ENEC certification system now certifies horticulture luminaires with LEDs.

In an industry where horticulture lighting standards are not expected to be established for the next 3-4 years, the ENEC mark becomes the crucial solution for certifying horticulture LED luminaires.

The ENEC Requirement Sheet ERS 002, details the specifications for granting the ENEC Mark for Horticultural Luminaires with LED according to the application of EN 60598 series and EN 62471.

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ENEC Certification System started to certify Rechargeable Batteries.

In general, batteries are getting smaller, the energy density of the batteries is increasing and new battery technologies are also being developed. This will increase the potential risks of this component.

Therefore, ETICS is looking for ways to make batteries certified components in order to make sure that the ENEC Mark fully applies to safe products. 

For the list of Certification Bodies with the products batteries, please refer to the Detail Page.

ENEC Certification System started to certify Measuring Equipment.

Manufacturers are welcome to send applications for ENEC certifications to Certification Bodies (CBs) and Testing Laboratories (TLs) that have the measuring equipment standards in their scope.

For the list of Certification Bodies with the products MEAS, please refer to the Detail Page.



Many electrical products in Europe are not safe - we have the solution...

ENEC is the high quality European Mark for electrical products that demonstrates compliance with European standards (EN).

European Certification Bodies in the electrical sector have opened the European ENEC Mark to all electrical product sectors.

Testing takes place in independent ENEC approved Testing Laboratories worldwide, and in approved Manufacturers’Laboratories.

ENEC means safety in Europe, and all signatories of the ENEC Mark Scheme actively support its commitment to the highest safety levels.